Andrea Crawford


Born and raised on a farm in Indiana, Andrea Crawford traded a John Deere tractor for the A train. A writer, magazine editor, and journalist, she is writing a memoir about leaving behind her family’s multi-generational farm only to find herself drawn back to agriculture in New York City—of all places.

Crawford’s stories and essays have been published in SlatePsychology Todaythe New York Times, Tablet Magazine, and more. Formerly a contributing editor at Poets & Writers, senior editor at Art News, and executive editor at NYU Magazine, she was awarded an Arthur F. Burns journalism fellowship, for which she reported from Berlin, Germany, and a Rotary International grant to India.

Crawford studied English and journalism at Indiana University in Bloomington, where she also earned a Master’s degree in English literature. In 2015, she graduated from Farm School NYC, a two-year training program in urban agriculture and social, economic, and racial justice.

In 2016, after almost two decades in New York City, she and her husband moved back to Indiana, to South Bend, where they now live in the Brooklyn brownstone they never could have afforded in Brooklyn.